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In which folder to upload the main site on Shared Linux Hosting?

In this article, we'll show you where and how to upload your first shared hosting site from HostPulse.

The main directory of your hosting account is called public_html. It is bound to the primary domain of your account and therein you have to upload the files of the website.

We give a sample full path to the public_html directory:


Here cPanelUsername needs to be replaced with your cPanel username, which you can find in the activation email, sent to you when purchasing the hosting.

To upload your site to your newly created shared hosting hosting from HostPulse, we recommend using a FTP client instead of the file manager.

One of the most used FTP clients for file transfer is FileZilla. The program runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX, it is free and can be downloaded from the following URL:


Access data via FTP can be found in the email you received from our system after successfully activating the shared Linux hosting service.

The FTP client allows you to manage the files of your shared hosting account. It gives you the ability to upload, delete, rename, create new files, change permissions, and more.

After launching FileZilla in the top bar you must fill in the marked fields with your access data:

linux main directory

1 . Host: - hostname of the server or its IP address.

2 . Username: - cPanel user or a created FTP user.

3 . Password: - cPanel password.

4 . Port: - port 21, but you can leave the field blank as this is the default FTP port.

Once you successfully connect with your data to the server, you will see the FileZilla screen divided into several fields. The first field is for system messages from the app. The next two fields you will see divided by the vertical are Local site: and Remote site:.

In the Local site: are located the directories of your local computer, and in the Remote site: are located the hosting directories:

linux main directory

To upload your web site, you need to locate its files on your local computer in the Local site: panel, and in the remote site: navigate to the public_html directory as shown on the image.

To finish uploading the site, you should select all files, right-click on the selection, in the dropdown menu select the upload option, then FileZilla will upload all selected files to the root directory of your main site public_html.

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