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What is php.ini and how to use it properly?

The php.ini file is a configuration file and it is used to define the PHP operational settings.

Each hosting server is set to work with optimal values to properly handle the resource needs of almost all modern applications.

The ability to create and use a custom file in which certain default parameters are updated to higher values allows us to use significantly more sophisticated, features rich and, therefore, more efficient applications.

Custom php.ini file

The custom php.ini file can be placed in the home directory of the account and thus the changed settings will be available for all applications in the web hosting plan.

At the same time, each application can have its own php.ini file in its own work directory and thus you can individually configure the appropriate PHP environment for each individual application in the hosting account.

It is worth noting that changing the parameters of the PHP through custom php.ini file requires advanced knowledge and should not be an object of experimentation in a live hosting environment.

We strongly recommend, if you ever notice even minimal uncertainty, to ask for advice our technical support and our colleagues will assist you professionally to solve the problem.

Below are shown some commonly used modifications in custom php.ini:

Display_errors = Off

Expose_php = Off

Post_max_size = 100M

Upload_max_filesize = 100M

Date.timezone = Europe/London

The php.ini file is a flexible tool that allows you to customize your PHP configuration in order to improve performance of your website or to enable the usage of new applications when they demand higher than the default values.

Use it with caution and feel free to contact us at any point.


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