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Payment methods

We accept various payment methods to suit your requirements. Please feel free to select your desired way of paying for your service from the listed options.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Credit card

You can pay for your service using your credit card or the funds from your bank account by using your debit card. With a single click you can pay for your hosting services through a secured and encrypted connection. We support a long list of cards for online payments.


PayPal has become one of the most widely used option for online payments. It is supported throughout the world and it is easy to work with thanks to email verification. With PayPal you can initiate payments in different currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, etc.


With HostPulse you can take advantage of having a virtual wallet in the system. You can deposit funds in your own virtual account and use it to pay for your services. It is an option that is extremely useful when you have activated the automatic renew of your products.

Payment Security


SSL certificate for encrypted connection

It is of major importance for us to ensure secure online payments and to make you feel safe while making online transactions. HostPulse uses an Essential Wildcard SSL certificate issued by Comodo - one of the most trusted and prestigious SSL providers in the industry. The certificate provides up to 256-bits encryption and validates not only our domain name but also our company information. In order to get accredited with a Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL certificate HostPulse was thoroughly reviewed. All company details were screened in order to verify the legitimacy of the business. For our clients this means that you can use sensitive data such as payment or personal details on our website knowing that they are being kept safe and secure.


Secure payments with SafeCharge

SafeCharge is the Payments Engine we use at HostPulse to ensure a smooth experience for our clients while purchasing their services. SafeCharge is a global provider of payment solutions for online businesses and e-commerce websites. The company has more than 10 years of experience in creating payment platforms using the most advanced security standards. Since its establishment in 2007 it has achieved several awards for security and innovations. With SafeCharge, clients of HostPulse know that the transactions they make are secured and their funds and information are kept safe.