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DDoS protection

Protect your business with DDoS protection that gives you 99.99% safety level against DDoS attacks. Radware Defense Pro is last-generation hardware equipment that guarantees the smooth and secure work of your online business. Radware Defense Pro prevents the overflow of the connectivity channel, stops DDoS attacks, enables behavioral-based detection, and gives security from CDN and Smart SSL Attack Mitigation. All this granting 99.99% security on a network level.



HTTP/2 is the updated version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Among the advantages of HTTP/2 are faster websites, better Google Rank, improved productivity of server resources, and fully secured connection. The main purpose of the protocol is to upgrade the performance of websites by optimizing the HTTPS and thus improving its security.

Wordpress wizard

WordPress Management

For everyone running a website on WordPress, we've designed WordPress Management - a one-click optimization & security tool. The management panel and tools were developed in order to let you easily manage your WordPress installation with minimal hassle. It helps with security, automation of updates, caching, creating website backups, installing the WordPress platform, and many more.

SSD drives


The NVMe technology allows for your website to load up to x25 times faster (compared to HDD) thanks to its property to accelerate the transfer of data between the client and the solid state drives (SSDs). Th ehosting architecture of HostPulse uses NVMe technology, and our hosting solutions is guaranteed to boost your site's performance.

Active cache


ActiveCache is a tool that will increase the speed of your website by enabling one of the two most popular systems used for caching: Memcached or Redis. Those are key-value in-memory databases that will save you resources and will greatly improve the speed of your website. All that with a single click of your mouse!


WAF and Malware detector

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is part of our security systems that aims at preventing attacks against your website. What makes WAF better than a regular firewall is its property to allow all the traffic to reach the server. Then all the requests are being analyzed, and only the malicious ones are blocked before they exhaust your hosting plan resources.

This way, we make it possible to prevent attacks against popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. Our Malware Detector also monitors your application and prevents the majority of attacks against your website and the running of software designed to cause damage on your installation.