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Hostpulse Servers

We use the latest and most powerful CISCO UCS servers along with highly productive SuperMicro SuperServer machines to provide its clients with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. All the equipment we use consists of high-performance blade servers allowing scalability and offering reliable performance for complex applications that are critical for enterprises. We implement technologies, which will respond to your business demands and high expectations. The unlimited resources of our servers and data center will respond adequately to your growing business needs. With our services our clients can be certain that they will get reliable preformance, high level of security, and 99.99% uptime for their website or online business!

Server racks


We use high-quality standard 42U racks fully equipped with security sensors for measuring the temperature and humidity. The rack layout is organized in a special way, which follows strictly preliminary calculated scheme for provision of optimal environment for maximum productivity of the servers. All racks are using dual redundant power supplies from the two completely independent circuits of our data center. In addition to the well planned and carefully organized layout of the rack, at HostPulse we have developed a unique system for remote monitoring and tracking the performance of each server. The system allows us to monitor the temperature and humidity in each rack and react immediately in case of need.


CISCO Business Acceleration Award

HostPulse has accomplished the biggest deployment of CISCO UCS equipment for 2013 in Bulgaria and surrounding countries. For this deployment we have been awarded with CISCO Business Acceleration award for implementing CISCO UCS architecture for the needs of the clients requiring critical business applications delivered as cloud services. This award is one of many that proves our commitment to high performance server infrastructure.

Colocation image

World-Class Data Center and Support

The equipment we store at our data center is constantly being monitored by our system administrators and technical support department. We guarantee that in case of an issue our team will take immediate actions to secure the stable operation of our equipment and all hosted data. HostPulse clients feel safe that highly trained and educated system administrators are supporting the infrastructure and will ensure smooth enterprise operations.