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Outstanding and helpful support

10 minutes response time

When something happens to your web site response time is of crucial importance. Waiting is not an option and that is why we are committed to a 10 minute response time for all your urgent requests. Our technical support team and cPanel certified team members are available for you 24/7. Resolving your problems is our number one priority.

Service Monitoring

By having a non-stop equipment monitoring we ensure high standards of infrastructure security and reliability. We track all processes, workload, and operation flow of our servers. With our early detection policy we prevent minor issues from becoming potential problems. HostPulse also provides free DDoS protection for all hosted applications.

cPanel certified technical support

Our cPanel certified technical support provides professional assistance to help you resolve any issues you may have. Our 10 minutes response time assures you that your ticket will be resolved in a timely manner. Along with our certified team of professionals you receive the best advice and solution to your inquiry. Our clients rate our support team with 4.94/5 for timely solutions and 4.92/5 for response accuracy.